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Back at it

by Tim Severien

If you check out the archive, you will probably notice I don’t write blog posts very often. After almost burning out a couple of years ago, I think, I decided to try and stay clear from computers in my spare time.

I will happily tell you more about what I felt back then and how I transitioned into a zen (not quite, but better) lifestyle, but I’ll save it for a future blog post. Instead, I want to share that I’m going to write more and how I intend to do that.

In the past few years, I’ve grown a lot professionally and am more confident about sharing what I know. There’s also a lot more knowledge to share. But more importantly, I think there’s also a lot of knowledge to gain. Writing is a great way to reflect and verbalise thoughts. By sharing my thoughts publically I hope people will share theirs.

I have also lowered the threshold to publish. This little blog has seen many (all of which were bad or mediocre at best) designs and has run any popular tool available. I think I’ve used WordPress, Jekyll, Hexo and then quickly replaced it with Hugo, and I’ve just finished the refactor to Eleventy. I feel Eleventy has the lowest threshold of them all. It has virtually no footprint on how I structure my content, so I don’t even have to remember the blog is powered by Eleventy when I work on content. More on that later, probably.

Building and publishing is automated, too. After writing the article in markdown and pushing it to the remote repository, Netlify builds the site and publishes the build output which is just a bunch of static files. This blog has never seen a simpler and elegant set-up, and publishing has never been this easy.

Finally, I’ve learned perfection can be counterproductive. People do stupid stuff all the time, so I’m sure I’ll get away with a typo, bad grammar, or an opinion one might deem invalid. I’ll probably write some boring articles too and I’m completely fine with that.

I’m very excited to pick up this hobby again. I look forward to the feedback and discussions. I even look forward to getting better at handling trolls and hateful comments.